Detroit MI Auto Industry Insiders Say December Sales Numbers Project Good News

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Jan 20 2012

Detroit MI Auto Industry Insiders Say December Sales Numbers Project Good News

Detroit MI automakers will be happy to know that analysts are expecting the auto industry to have finished the year off strong with sales above 12 million on an annualized basis. Sales trends seem to being moving upward positively as consumers have continued to purchase.

December numbers will be announced this week and most agree about the forward outlook. With this upward development, 2011 is already looking like it could be a very prosperous year for the industry. There is of course still uncertainty with the economy still recovering, but most are keeping a positive outlook.

There is a small concern that weather conditions during a portion of December may have affected the numbers, but many believe the beginning of the month was strong enough to have held the month through to the end.

Jeff Schuster, Executive Director for Global Forecasting at J.D. Power & Associates, said in a press release, “Even with the possibility that sales in the third week of December may be affected by the recent snow storms, the strength of sales during the second week is expected to continue through the rest of the month.”

J.D. Power estimated that the vehicles sales were going to be up about 14 percent from last year putting sales at 12.4 million as an adjusted annualized amount. The highest sales to be reported are expected to be trucks and SUVs. Since September, light truck sales have increased over normal car sales. believes the truck sales to be up 14.9 percent from last year and SUV sales to be up 21.3 percent.

Mid-sized car sales are projected at 7.8 percent more than last year while hybrid sales may fall 8.1 percent and compact car sales may be up 11.1 percent.

Total sales are expected to have increased from 10.5 million in 2009 to 11.5 million in 2010.

All in all, the outlook is a positive one, and Detroit MI automakers should expect to hear good news once the final, official numbers arrive.

Check back with MI Auto Times for final sales and numbers.


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